Split Rail Angoras

Split Rail Angoras

Split Rail Angoras

Bancroft, MI

Yarn, Fiber

My shop contains items made with the extremely soft and warm Angora rabbit fiber.

Hello! My shop items mostly contain Angora rabbit fiber. The Angora fiber is used in blends with wool or alpaca to make roving or batts to spin. Angora is a wonderfully soft and warm fiber to spin and wear. 


We raise our own Angora rabbits here in Michigan. They are all pets, and are well spoiled. 

Shipping Policy

Shipping will be done within 3 days, excluding Sundays and holidays.

Return Policy

Returns will be done within 7 days minus shipping fee.

How do we get the Angora fiber?

The Angora fiber is harvested humanely from my own angora rabbits either by shearing or plucking out the loose wool. This occurs about every 3-4 months. 


How do I wash my Angora articles?

Angora should be hand washed in cool water.  Lay flat to dry.

Do not put them in a washer or dryer. 

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